Photonics is the branch of physics that studies light detection, generation, and manipulation through emission, transmission, reflection, absorption, modulation, and amplification. We are working on research projects that explore thin films with various materials which are capable of modulating the properties of the light at the macroscale. Also, we are investigating the use of nanostructures to have an active control of light at the nanoscale. Sensors, detectors, and displays are a few examples that can benefit from the clear understanding of the light-matter interaction.



Spintronics, also known as spin electronics, is the study concerning the spin-dependent electron transport phenomena in solid-state physics as well as its possible device application that exploits explicitly the spin properties instead of the charge degree of freedom. Here, we explore different nanostructure configurations and materials to generate and control the spin currents. The next-generation computer processors can be realized based on this phenomenon.